The process system is designed in such a way that it can cope with multiple packaging formats and processing types of our products. The processing types currently deployed are fully automatic. Packaging formats of one sealed packaging, food grade is being catered for. those designs as mentioned are unique and specifically designed for the types of our products developed by the R & D team and is being served as a test bed for future developments.

After seeing success, the plan in place is for a bigger facility and a floor space that is almost seven times bigger than the current we have. The new planned facility will be designed and built from data and experience gained from current facility.

The facility is designed using the modular concept whereby processes are segmented and then integrated when required into different ‘process chain’.

Against traditional dedicated linear method of processing line, such concept will enable upgrading and up scaling to be implemented with ease. It will also enable flexibility and most important of all, cost reduction in terms of equipment investment and efficiency.

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Private Label

We at Bangara can look at based on volume commitment to private label and co-packed frozen products for retail, club store and food services based on the market need. We specialize in a wide variety of Healthy Indian flavored products.

Our production facility at Malaysia and multiple high- speed lines provides Bangara with single serve unit capabilities. We offer value to our customers through manufacturing excellence, innovative R&D, professionalism and competitive pricing models.

Export Documentation

With our 30+ years of export experience we ensure the documentation procedure is taken care with a better professional approach.

Brand Support

The ability to run the business is of no use if marketability and Branding methods are not addressed. We have seen growth on a year-to-year basis due to effective and aggressive marketing and branding strategy.

One of the basic reasons for such growth can be traced to our ability to; Meet our customer requirements and expectations, roll out of improved and new products and promotions through extensive research and development.

Meeting legislative requirements and standards. Another key to success is branding and brand management. BANGARA is the proprietary owner of numerous successful brands.

Through its well planned and categorization of product against brand, an identity and market recognition are well established, thus making product promotion and education easy.

In order to introduce ourselves and products to the market, BANGARA have participated in many exhibitions and international trade shows all over Australia & other countries. We strongly believe such events will provide a very important platform to launch new ideas and to showcase our company.

Utilization of electronic social media: BANGARA recognized the power of electronic social media especially websites and the other affiliated concepts. With the advent of the internet, doing business shifted to a whole new dimension.

Communication and information are conveyed at lightning speed and also at a wider scale. Our company website is designed as a platform for potential customers to get to know us and also as a front line medium to make enquiries.

Utilization of social media such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram as a promotional platform are also very effective. Through social media we have been able to introduce and educate consumers in regard to our products and keeping them informed on the latest development.

It is also recognized as a powerful tool to gauge consumer response to our products and brands thus providing vital feedback.

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