To improve people's lives by offering tasty frozen and chilled food that is sustainable, healthy and convenient, through excellence and innovation, building a great cultural connect. Success in Quality requires innovation, constant development of new products and flavour options. We believe in creating delicious food with quality ingredients and our team can work with you to create the products you need.

Health & Safety

We at Bangara take good care in the creation of our products, from the quality of our ingredients, whether sourced locally or from our suppliers around the world, through the manufacturing, packing, storage and logistic processes.

To maintain the highest quality of our products, our processes include:
  • Inspection and verification of all the inward ingredients according to product specifications and standards
  • Process monitoring of “Critical Control Points” (CCPs) along with “Quality Control Points” (QCPs)
  • Always maintained Consistency and accuracy in product assembly and recipes
  • Final product assessment checked on their appearance, weights, labelling and packaging
  • Corporeal evaluation on all colour, aroma, texture and flavour
  • Lab testings conducted and along with verification on raw ingredients and final product for food safety
  • Adequate training and regular refresher training imparted to all staff for health and safety procedures and its guidelines
  • Always complete track maintained of incoming ingredients throughout the manufacturing process and despatch of finished products

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