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DAVINDRAN NAIDU (CEO & Managing Director)

Having worked in the food retail & wholesale industry since 2008, Davin has long term experience in the manufacture and supply of quality products to the food industry. A qualified Food Technologist with a Degree in Electrical Engineering, Davin ensures that the company excels in the manufacture and supply of quality products to the discerning customer. His talents also permit him to focus on New Product Development for both local and international tastes.

Davin is a Hard worker and very good Office administrator. Very strong in understanding company Logistics, he has been an Integral part of Ayers success by providing customers service they expect. He ensures that the right quality of intergradient being purchased to fulfil the needs of the customers and their quality expectations.

His passion for consumer insights and market trends, married with our intricate understanding of domestic and global supply chains, enable us to deliver the forward thinking solutions that our customers love.

He believe in technology makes supplier relationship simpler and faster for organizational National and International growth. A stronger, deeper relationship with clear and frequent communication allows this communication to become more organic.


Balachandran Naidu is a Director of Bangara Enterprise & Founder of Ayers Brand who helps the targeted audience to reach out high standards of quality control food.

Before starting his business he has graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and since 1988 he started interest towards food industry and he has gained a lot of experience by travelling over 30 different countries. He has excellence in operations of Manufacturing and Export. After a successful career by bringing in quality food and helping many Indian grocery stores in Sydney to expand their horizons, Balachandra Naidu never fails to come up with most efficient machinery for production and quality.

He believes in getting the product done at his presence to bring utmost output and he is always pro customer to get feedback and making a practice to improve the quality. He is very strict in terms of quality checks and meeting the approximate standards. He always strives hard to experiment new processes and designs coming in.

Long-term associations with vendors and retail buyers is the motto of his success and he personally treat them as business partners, and this partnership is not only based on financial transaction, but also on mutual trust and loyalty.

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